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The Criminalization of PUBG in Gujarat: A Frivolous Affair?

In our latest piece, the author highlights the criminalization of PUBG in Gujarat with special focus on Section 37(3) of the Gujarat Police Act, 1951. The author discusses this in the light of the Blue Whale precedent, while further drawing parallels between the deontological and consequentialist approaches to free speech.

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The Many Ups and Downs in the Battle of Section 377

In this post, the author traces the history of Section 377 and the queer movement in India. Starting from the implementation of this section in the colonial era to Naz and Koushal judgment, this post is one stop destination to understand the incidents that finally led to the Navtej Johar judgment.

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Indian Courts on the National Anthem & the National Song: The Law as it Was, Is & Might be

by Sujoy Chatterjee The National Football League (NFL) in the U.S. has been in the news of late, for football players allegedly disrespecting the U.S. national anthem by kneeling/sitting/silently demonstrating during the playing of the …

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