Student Editorial Board [2023-24]

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Eeshan Sonak

Eeshan is a final-year student at NALSAR. He’s deeply passionate about constitutional law, taxation, and socio-legal issues. His days lack predictability, pendulating between productivity and procrastination. His interests are known to change from time to time, ranging from sports to abstract art to the outdoors.


Archita Satish

Archita is a fourth-year law student at NALSAR, University of Law. She was previously associated with the Blog as an Editor [2022-23]. She has a keen interest in commercial law and public policy, particularly environmental law and queer rights. In her spare time you can find her listening to music and working on her next new project- academic, craft-based or otherwise. 
Lead Editor and Coordinator for Partnerships and Inclusion Initiatives

Harsh Jain

Harsh is a fifth-year law student at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. He is deeply interested in constitutional law, human rights law and public policy. In his free time, he loves reading poetry and incessantly binge-watching crime thrillers.

Lead Editor and Coordinator for the Courts and Constitution Conference

Utkarsh Mani Tripathi

Utkarsh Mani Tripathi is a final-year student at NALSAR, Hyderabad. He’s interested in constitutional law, the humanities, and how they coalesce. 

Editor & Lead, Social Media and Audio-Visual Content

Sukrut Khandekar

Sukrut is a fourth-year student at NALSAR. He is really passionate about constitutional law, politics and bollywood gossip. 


Ajinkyaraj Pacharaney

Ajinkyaraj is a fourth-year law student at NALSAR, University of Law. He is deeply interested in Constitutional Law and Commercial Law. He loves to listen to music, play games and watch movies in his spare time.


Apoorv Vats

Apoorv Vats is a 3rd-year law student at NALSAR University of Law, with a keen interest in Constitutional Law and Philosophy, Socio-Legal Issues, and the intersection of public law and technology.

Jeetendra Vishwakarma

Jeetendra Vishwakarma is a 3rd Year student at NALSAR Hyderabad. He is interested in public law, humanities, and socio-legal issues. He usually spends his leisure reading books and poetry, playing various sorts of sports, and binging on TV shows and movies.


Nupur Barman

Nupur is a third year law student at NALSAR University of Law. Her areas of interest include constitutional law and philosophy, criminal law and international humanitarian law. In her leisure time you will find her exploring new genres of music or binge watching TV shows.


Saranya Ravindran

Saranya is a III-year student at NALSAR. She is keenly interested in constitutional law, public policy, and intellectual property rights. Her hobbies include debating, singing and dancing.


Sohina Pawah

Sohina is a third year student at NALSAR. She is fuelled by her passions for Fundamental Freedoms, Political Philosophy, Criminal Law, IT Law, IPRs, Gender Rights, and Psychology. When she’s not unraveling legal complexities, she immerses herself in psychological thrillers, travels, explores new boba tea spots, pets dogs, and weaves conspiracy theories. 

Technical Editor & Analyst

Avani Vijay

Avani Vijay is a 3rd-year law student at NALSAR University of Law. She is interested in Constitutional Law, Social Sciences and their intersection. In her leisure time, she can be found reading literature and exploring Art. 

Technical Editor

Harshitha Adari

Harshitha is a third-year law student at NALSAR with an immense interest in exploring public law. She is passionate about sociolinguistics, educational rights, and technology. Though she has a new hobby every other week, dancing and painting remain her favorites.  

Social Media Editor

Escandita Tewari

Escandita is a third-year IPM student at NALSAR, with a keen interest in Public Policy, International Relations, Data Science, and Design Thinking Processes. She enjoys photography, capturing the essence of the campus and the city, and writing poetry. You’ll find her in the library, accompanied by some classic rock and coffee.

Social Media Editor

Gargi Pandey

Gargi Pandey is a third-year law student at NALSAR, currently trying to figure out her areas of academic interests. She feels passionately about women’s rights and would like to contribute significantly for the same. In her free time she likes to stare at the ceiling (on most days) and if she is feeling extremely productive, she will either paint or read novels. 
Social Media Editor

Muskan Garodia

Muskan Garodia is a third-year IPM student, an introverted enthusiast who is fond of skillfully weaving narratives through her designs, blending her passion for marketing and design. She is often found binging on series or rewatching Modern Family for the hundredth time.