Death Penalty Illustration

Death Penalty Sentencing Framework: Inconsistently Applied or Inherently Flawed?

In an order dated 19 September 2022, the Supreme Court for the first time in 42 years has referred issues relating to capital sentencing to a Constitution bench. Driven by the objective to revisit and correct the gaps in the law itself, the order adopts a markedly different approach from the dominant Supreme Court jurisprudence which has repeatedly articulated the inconsistent application of the existing law as the main problem. Through this article, Lakshmi Menon analyses the current sentencing framework and the need for revision of the same.

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Demands for Structural Changes in the Supreme Court of India: A Historical Overview (Part 2)

In part 2 of this two-part series, the author examines the history behind the demand for the setting up of regional branches of the Supreme Court of India, and links it to present day empirical studies on the correlation between geographical proximity to the Supreme Court and disproportionate access to justice.

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Reforming the Roster: Looking Beyond the Borders

In this article, the authors critique the present Roster System at the Supreme Court of India, and question the authority vested in the role of the Chief Justice of India as the ‘Master of the Roster’ in the course of judicial appointments. Comparative analysis is made with appointment systems around the world, with suggestions towards reform being provided for the betterment of justice delivery in India.

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