The Courts and The Constitution

The Courts and the Constitution Conference is an annual conference organised by Law and Other Things, in collaboration with the NALSAR University of Law and Azim Premji University. It was organised for the first time in January 2019 (detailed Brochure here) and again in January 2020. It takes the opportunity of the Republic Day weekend to have a Year-in-Review exercise to analyze some of the major constitutional law judgments delivered in the preceding year by bringing together a range of jurists, lawyers, journalists, and scholars who discuss and debate the Court’s rulings.

This section will be a one-stop platform for all announcements related to the Conference. It will bring together Panel-by-Panel reports as well as a compiled publication developed from the proceedings of the Conference.

We found immense value in the ideas discussed during the Conference and felt that they must be made available to a larger audience to further the discourse on legal developments taking place in India. This was the impetus that led to the creation of the Conference Publication covering the proceedings of the Conference. To this end, we also invite response pieces, critically analyzing and engaging with the released publications (Kindly see Write for Us! for further guidelines).

We hope you find the Conference Publication helpful and are looking forward to reading your submissions.

  1. The panel on Developments in Equality Jurisprudence was moderated by Dr. Sudhir
    Krishnaswamy, and the panelists were Arundhati Katju, Dr. Anup Surendranath and Alok Prasanna
  2. The panel on Reforming Tribunals was moderated by Vivek Reddy, and the panelists were Dr. Arun Thiruvengadam and Prashant Reddy.
  3. The panel on Federalism and The Constitution was moderated by Dr. Arun Thiruvengadam, and the panelists were Prof. Anthony Blackshield, Alok Prasanna Kumar, Malavika Prasad, and Suchindra Baskar Narayan. The discussant for the panel was Dr. Rohit De.
  4. The panel on Citizenship, Residency and The Constitution was moderated by Arvind Narrain, and the panelists were Justice G.R. Swaminathan, Aymen Mohammad, Mohsin Alam Bhat, and Nizam Pasha.