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  1. The central theme of the article should deal with public law. Please go through the posts on our website to get an idea of what this entails.
  2. The article can be sent through the contact form below, or as a Word document (.doc or .docx) to submissions[at]lawandotherthings[dot]com.
  3. Submissions should be accompanied by a short summary (1-2 lines) of the article. Articles may be co-authored.
  4. If the article is a response piece for the Courts and the Constitution Conference, the same must be specified along with the name of the panel.

Word Limit & Formatting:

  1. The article must not exceed 1200 words.
  2. All references must be hyperlinked in the body of the text. In case no online source is available for a reference, footnotes may be used.

Author Details:

  1. Submissions shall necessarily contain the following in the body of the email: Name of Author, Year of Study (if applicable), Institution/Organisation of affiliation, Short Bio (about 40-50 words).

Review Process:

  1. Receipt of the submission will be acknowledged at the earliest.
  2. The Student Editorial Board‘s review of the article can take up to 7 days. Selected articles are then reviewed by our Editorial Board, therefore, a final decision on publication can take up to 14 days in total, from the day of submission. 

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