Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Suspension of Apps on PlayStore

The article, while discussing the legalities of the litigation concerning the author’s client, attempts to unpack the implications of the Digital Millenium Copyrights Act (DMCA) on Application softwares. The author analyses how the adjudication process under the DMCA does not account for the principle of equality of arms and rather reinforces copyright protection, without any real recourse to judicial review.

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Logo of PUBG, with the letters P, U, B and G

The Criminalization of PUBG in Gujarat: A Frivolous Affair?

In our latest piece, the author highlights the criminalization of PUBG in Gujarat with special focus on Section 37(3) of the Gujarat Police Act, 1951. The author discusses this in the light of the Blue Whale precedent, while further drawing parallels between the deontological and consequentialist approaches to free speech.

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The Impact Of Puttaswamy Judgement On The Rights Of The Media

The post is an attempt to anticipate the trajectory of decisions following the Puttaswamy judgment, in dealing with cases where the right to freedom of speech and right to privacy are seemingly in conflict, based on a decisions of a few High Courts in this regard.

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