Rule of Law in India- A Quest for Reason

OUP has published my book “Rule of Law in India- A Quest for Reason”.  I have made an effort to analyse the reasons for the dichotomy in India’s rule of law framework. On paper, India is a shining example of a country governed by the rule of law. In practice, however, there are a number of challenges. 

The book discusses the contours of the rule of law in India, the values and aspirations in its evolution and its meaning as understood by the various institutions. I argue that the Indian rule of law does not fit it into any of the classifications that Western theorists have identified.  Our constitution’s emphasis on substantive rights, justice and equitable development makes “reason” the cornerstone of India’s rule of law architecture.  I then proceed to examine the institutional, political and social challenges to the concepts of equality and certainty, inter alia,  through which I evaluate the status of the rule of law in India.  

Written by
Harish Narsappa
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