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1. My article, quoting anonymous I.P.experts at Spicy IP and a TTD’s advisor, on why the grant of G.I status to Tirupathi laddu is improper. I ask whether it is an instance of use of a secular law for a non-secular purpose. I understand a petition has been filed in Supreme Court challenging the GI Registry’s decision.

2.My review of Vasanthi Srinivasan’s book on Rajaji. I dwell on the unexplored aspect of Gandhi-Rajaji relationship – especially on why and when the former called the latter as his conscience keeper.

3. Rajeev Dhavan on how Raj Thackeray was allowed to usurp the State’s role.

4.A.G.Noorani on Jinnah’s case for a Supreme Court. Had Indians united in support of a final court of appeal in 1921, moves for reform of personal laws of Hindus and Muslims would have accelerated, he says.

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