Monthly Updates- August 2022

Monthly Round-Up: August 2022

Law and Other Things published a range of interesting articles and new scholarship discussions to further scholarship in public law. Below we bring you an update on the Blog’s activities during August 2022.

CEDE Collaboration:

Law and Other Things (LAOT) is happy to announce a collaboration with the Community for the Eradication of Discrimination in Education and Employment (CEDE). This new endeavour aims to mentor law students on legal writing through direct participation as legal analysts at LAOT. CEDE is a network of lawyers, law firms, judges, and other organizations and individuals that aims to bridge the gap in the representation of Dalits (Scheduled Castes), Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes), Other Backward Classes, Nomadic & Denotified communities, transgender individuals, persons with disabilities, people from North-East India, and other minorities in both the legal profession and the judiciary. Through this endeavour, CEDE candidates will be writing explainer and analytical pieces for the blog and shall be mentored by our Senior Editorial Board and Former Editors-in-Chief in this process.

Blog Posts:

The Supreme Court recently heard a batch of petitions regarding the constitutionality of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Act, 2020. Shagun Bhargava and Siddharth Sunil  in Confused and Confusing: Proportionality in the Supreme Court’s FCRA Judgment examine the constitutionality of the Noel Harper v. Union of India judgment. The authors submit that Noel Harper fell short in testing the impugned amendments on the doctrine of proportionality, inasmuch as the four-prong test of proportionality was only partly employed in the Supreme Court’s analysis.It highlights jurisprudential confusion and the lack of uniformity in the application of the doctrine of proportionality.


Through the LAOT podcast series, we aim to bring our listeners to conversations with some great people on a wide range of topics covering law, politics, sociology, and many more. The podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts, and transcripts are uploaded on the LAOT website. All episodes of the Law and Other Things Podcast can be found on this page.

We carried Episode 2.2 which was an Interview conducted by our past editor Pranay Maladi with Anindita Pattanayak and Douglas McDonald-Norman on the Indian Feminist Judgments Project dealing with the rewriting of the State of Uttar Pradesh v Kaushaliya regarding the constitutionality of Section 20 of the Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act 1956.

We carried Episode 2.3 which was an Interview conducted by Ajitesh Arya with Kanika Sharma and Laura Lammasneim on the Indian Feminist Judgments Project dealing with the rewriting of the Dadaji Bhikaji v Rukhmabai, which uses the legal rules of the period and puts forward an alternative application of the doctrine of Restitution of Conjugal Rights.


The Animal Law Centre at NALSAR conducted a webinar from 1st – 5th September 2022 on Aligning Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice. It focussed on furthering the goals of the Animal Law Centre by contributing to the scholarship on the animal rights movement and giving insights into the field of animal protection.

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