Fake Courts!!

I was flabbergasted to read about the fake courts in Coimbatore. The economics of an illegal act generally means that there has to be a substantial benefit, monetary or otherwise, from such illegal act. I have not been able to understand what possible joy could the people who were (are?) running these fake courts deriving. And pray who are the gullible who actually succumbed to these courts? I have not been able to decide as to what this says about our regular courts- should they be flattered that somebody is imitating them or worried that people are taking away their work? I am also curious if these courts actually managed to resolve some disputes- if their success rate was better than regular courts, that would be something to talk about!!

Written by
Harish Narsappa
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  • Is this only about economics and deriving monetary benefits? Parallel adjudication mechanisms could also be a way of acquiring cultural / political capital, no?