Contemporary Issues in Public Law Conference on 8 April 2018

A very promising conference on Contemporary Issues in Public Law will be held at the Australian High Commission at Delhi this Sunday (8 April 2018). The conference invitation and full programme is here . Registration in advance (by emailing [email protected]) is free but absolutely essential due to security protocols at the High Commission.

The conference will address four broad issues:

  1. Constitutional Change – Basic Structure and Beyond
  2. Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Law
  3. Challenges for Judicial Independence
  4. Comparative method and the use of foreign law 

Confirmed speakers include: Farrah Ahmed (Melbourne), Upendra Baxi (Warwick), Anuj Bhuwania (Ambedkar), Aparna Chandra (NLUD), Hugh Corder (Cape Town), Paul Craig (Oxford), Alex Fischer (Jindal), Cora Hoexter (Witwatersrand), Swati Jhaveri (NUS),  HP Lee (Monash), Annelen Micus (Oxford), Kate O’Regan (Oxford),  Kevin Tan (NUS), MP Singh (NLUD),  Anup Surendranath (NLUD), and Jason Varuhas (Melbourne).

INVITATION Public Law Symposium on 8 April 2018 

Written by
Tarunabh Khaitan
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