Collaborative Activism in the Sphere of Gender Equality: Some Reflections on Vishaka Mechanism | Chief Justice Y.V. Chandrachud Birth Centenary Webinar Series | ILS Law College

ILS Law College is commencing a webinar series to celebrate the birth centenary year of Chief Justice Shri Y.V. Chandrachud. 

Topic: Collaborative Activism in the Sphere of Gender Equality: Some Reflections on Vishaka Mechanism
Date and Time: 31st July 2020 from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Vishaka v. State of Rajasthan is a locus classicus in the context of combating sexual harassment of women at workplaces. In what circumstances the Supreme Court engaged collaboratively with the Bar and the Executive to evolve a legal regime to fill gaps in law in the context of sexual harassment, and is there any different story behind the evolution of Vishaka mechanism – are some of the questions which are intended to be grappled with, in this intellectually stimulating webinar.

The Panel consists of Honorable Chief Justice Ms. Gita Mittal, Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh High Court (judicial perspective on Vishaka mechanism and aftermath)Ms. Meenakshi Arora, Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India (theme of unraveling the story behind the evolution of Vishaka); Ms. Vrinda Grover, Advocate and Women’s Rights Activist, Supreme Court of India (critique of the sexual harassment combating regime in terms of interstices in law) and Ms. Nidhi Goyal, Disability Rights Activist and the Founder and Executive Director of an NGO-Rising Flame (would throw light on lived experiences of persons with disabilities in the context of sexual harassment). The Webinar is being moderated by Dr. Devika Singh, Advocate, Cohere Consultants.

To join the Webinar, please click on the Google Meet Link here. The Webinar can also be viewed on YouTube here and on Facebook here




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