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Animal Law Centre: Webinar Week 2022:  Aligning Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice.

After the success of our webinar series conducted in July 2022 on the theme “Multilateral Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice“, the Animal Law Centre, NALSAR University of Law, presents its second webinar week, titled, “Aligning Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice” in the first week of September 2022, between the 1st and 5th of September, 2022.

This webinar series is meant to further the goals of the Animal Law Centre by contributing to the scholarship on the animal rights movement and to give insight through the sessions conducted that education or careers in the field of animal protection are existent, easily possible, and extremely enriching. Our speakers are considered stalwarts in the field, with many years of experience in studying as well as practicing animal protection through their extraordinary initiatives, pedagogy and authorship as well as expertise in the field. 

This series of webinars tries to delve deeper into the nuances of animal protection and practice, through the myriad topics of discussions in our sessions. Via the medium of these series, we hope to draw focus on how we can bridge the gap of the theoretical and practical frameworks of the animal liberation movement! 



  1. What is Critical Animal Studies and What does it mean for Animal Protection? Maneesha Deckha, Professor and Lansdowne Chair in Law at The University of Victoria. In this session, our speaker highlights the crux of Critical Animal Studies, its evolution and its relevance of it in the Indian context of animal protection. Through her session, participants can learn more about the pertinence of Critical Animal Studies as a discipline, the facets of interrelatedness and intersectionality, and its translation into the Indian animal liberation movement. 
  1. Animal Protection and Public Policy in the 21st Century; Ms. Gauri Maulekhi, from People For Animals and Ahimsa Fellowship. In this session, our esteemed speaker will talk about the status quo in animal protection, from the parallels of Farmed Animals and Companion Animals. Through this exploration, the session will also take the audience through the existing regime of public policy with regard to animal protection, existing gaps, as well as possible areas of intervention through policy and legal frameworks that can help advance animal protection in the status quo. 
  1. Animals and The Constitution; Prof. Vivek Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, NALSAR University and Faculty Coordinator, Animal Law Centre. In this session,  our speaker will delve into animal ethics and constitutional law, to help us understand the constitutional framework in animal protection, significant developments, and the way forward. 
  1. Big Wins Against Factory Farming and The Journey; Mr. Lewis Bollard is a renowned name when it comes to farmed animal welfare. The pertinence of his and Open Philanthropy’s work towards protecting the most abused species in the world, farmed animals, cannot be understated – as OpenPhilanthropy, since Lewis’s joining in 2015 has given out $130 million in grants towards farmed animal protection.   In this session, Lewis shares with us his journey in understanding and researching issues in factory farming, his journey in identifying areas of intervention and the lessons learned through the journey, and lastly, his advice for other animal protection organizations in the grassroots, which may be trying to solve the dire factory farming issue.
  1. Education in Animal Protection Laws and the Global Scope; Mr.Jayasimha Nuggehalli Co-founder and COO, Global Food Partners and a renowned speaker and educator in Animal Law. In this session, our speaker, who is both an educator as well as an expert in the field of animal protection, addresses this session to understand the tangents between animal law education and implementation of the same in the field, whilst also effectively combating animal welfare issues, straight at the source: the Industry.
  1. Challenges in securing legal personhood of animals in an anthropocentric legal system; Prof. Kukri, Associate Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Helsinki. In this session, our speaker elucidates the challenges, theories, and developments in the animal protection movement, relating to securing the legal personhood of animals and how this may evolve in a legal system that is anthropocentric. 


ALC Webinar Week 2022:  Aligning Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice.

Date:1st-5th September 2022

  1. Who is it for/eligibility: Students, Lawyers, Faculty, and Animal Law/Food Safety/Sociology practitioners
  2. Location (country/state/city): Virtual, on Cisco WebEx
  3. Registration/submission procedure
  4. Fee details (if any): Free to register
  5. Prizes (if any): All attendees will be awarded a certificate
  6. Deadlines/dates: September 1st- September 5th, 2022
  7. Contact information: Animal Law Centre, NALSAR University, email address: [email protected][email protected]. Phone Number: 9582394096


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