Call for Applications for Job Opportunities at Centre for Communication Governance

The Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi has published the call for applications for below mentioned four positions:
1. Call for Applications for Administrative and Financial Assistant
2. Call for Applications for Community and Engagement and Strategic Development
3. Call for Applications – Researchers
4. Call for Applications for Program/Project Officer/Associate for Courses, Convenings and Capacity Building


The Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi was established in 2013 to ensure that Indian legal education establishments engage more meaningfully with information technology law and policy, and to contribute to improved governance and policy-making. CCG is the only academic research centre dedicated to working on information technology law and policy in India, and in a short span of time, has become a leading institution in the sector.

The work at CCG seeks to embed constitutional values and good governance within
information technology law and policy and examine the evolution of existing rights
frameworks to accommodate new media and emerging technology. It seeks to support the
development of the right to freedom of speech, right to dignity and equality, and the right to privacy in the digital age, through rigorous academic research, policy intervention, and
capacity building. The team’s ongoing work is on subjects such as —privacy and data
governance/protection, cybersecurity, cyber norms regulation of emerging technologies like
artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G and IoT, platform regulation, misinformation,
intermediary liability and digital access and inclusion.

The work at CCG is designed to build competence and raise the quality of discourse in
research and policy around issues concerning constitutional rights and the rule of law in the digital age, cybersecurity and global internet governance. The academic research and policy output is intended to catalyse effective research-led policy-making and informed public debate around issues in technology, internet governance and information technology law and policy.

Further Information on Call for Applications can be accessed here.

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