Feminist Judgement re-writing project

#2.3 – Interview with Kanika Sharma and Laura Lammasneimi – Dadaji Bhikaji v Rukhmabai

In this episode, Ajitesh Arya, a legal editor at our blog, is in conversation with Kanika Sharma and Laura Lammasneimi regarding their rewriting of the judgment of Dadaji Bhikaji v Rukhmabai, This case puts forward an alternative application of the doctrine of Restitution of Conjugal Rights by taking into account female consent to both marriage and to conjugal relations. So without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

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LAOT Podcasts: #Episode 2.2 – Interview with Anindita Pattanayak and Douglas McDonald-Norman (Rewriting of the Kaushalya Judgement)

  The Indian Feminist Judgments project [IFJP] is a collaboration between feminist legal academics, litigators and judges, practitioners, and activists from law and other disciplines who use a feminist lens to re-write alternative opinions to existing judgments. Indian …

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