VII NLSIR Symposium 2013-14: Bridging the Security-Liberty Divide

[The following is an announcement from the
The National Law School
of India Review (NLSIR) – the flagship journal of the National Law School of
India University (NLSIU), Bangalore is pleased to announce the VIIth NLSIR
Symposium on “Bridging the Security-Liberty Divide” scheduled to be held
on December 21 and December 22, 2013 at the National Assessment and
Accreditation Council (NAAC, opposite NLSIU Campus, Nagarhavi) Conference Hall,
Bangalore. The decade following September 11 has been dubbed
“liberty’s lost decade”, not just for the United States of America but for the
world at large, marked by increasing tension between State interests in
national security and individual liberty. As we continue to grapple with the
implications of this clash, one clear winner seems to be emerging, best
observed by examining changes in legal systems throughout this decade. The
recent upsurge of criticism against NSA activity globally, however, could be
seen as indicative of a changing trend. The VIIth NLSIR Symposium seeks to
trace this dialogue between competing notions of security and liberty, and
hopes to assess and analyse similar developments in India. 
Confirmed speakers for
the symposium include Hon’ble Justice Muralidhar, Menaka Guruswamy, Mrinal
Satish, Bharat Karnad, Aparna Chandra, Chinmayi Arun, Shyam Divan, Bhairav
Acharya, Roshni, Yug Mohit Chaudhary and Saikat Datta.
This year, the
discussions will be divided into four panels:
Session I: Securing
Liberty from the State – Redefining Thresholds for Offences
(Forenoon, December
21, 2013, Saturday)
Session II: Intrusive
Intelligence – Surveillance Programs and Privacy in India 
(Afternoon, December
21, 2013, Saturday)
Session III: Beyond
Borders – Extradition, Asylum and Concerns of State Security 
(Forenoon, December
22, 2013, Sunday)
Session IV: Security and
Liberty in India – Redefining the Debate
(Afternoon, December
22, 2013, Sunday)
Registration fee for
those who make an advance payment/bank transfer is Rs. 500 for students and Rs.
750 for others. All those interested are requested to register at: 
The registration fee for
those who register at the venue is Rs. 750 for students and Rs. 1000 for
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