Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy: Call for Applications

Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy (VCLP) (formerly Pre-Legislative Briefing
Service) is an
independent legal think-tank comprising legal academics from leading
universities around the
world and practising lawyers based in India. Its mission is to impact
legislative design and
policy-making in India by conducting high-quality, analytical,
evidence-based research across a range of thematic legal topics. It aims
to advise government on proposed legislation and its drafting, provide
critical analyses of
bills and rules before Parliament and state legislatures, draft bespoke
reports on specific legal
issues of public concern and offer independent policy guidance to the
government with a
view to creating sound legal and policy frameworks in India. It has
worked in the legislative space in India for the last two-and-a-half
years and is in the process of establishing itself as a full-time
institution based in New Delhi from November 2013.

In keeping with its objectives, Vidhi is currently looking to fill two positions:
1. The Vidhi Fellow of Law and Policy (see eligibility, process and remuneration- here)
2. Vidhi Junior Research Fellow (see eligibility, process and remuneration- here)
If you’re interested, do follow the instructions in the documents. In case of any queries, feel free to write to [email protected]. In case you want to know more about Vidhi, do visit its website:
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