Understanding our blog’s inherent potential

An interesting piece on the blogs by Nicholas Carr, which first appeared in Guardian and reproduced in The Hindu, captures the essence of our blog too, defines its personality to some extent. But there is still something more to be said to outline a blog like ours. I see it having more potential than a reactive, parasitical, or bacterial form. It is possible to post exclusives – not only in terms of breaking news and events missed by the mainline newspapers/magazines/electronic media – but in terms of offering fastest comment and interpretation on events and issues, as we don’t have any of the constraints faced by the other traditional, conventional media. There is of course, more to be said on making our presence on the web widely known, in order to create an effective impact of our content. The point about making a quick comment is not to denigrate the value of reflective/ leisurely write-ups. I understand both have their space in our blog, and we have the advantage of combining the virtues of both, and give them their due.

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