Temporary shift in focus: Important case for property rights and SEZs

We are now beginning to delve into the details of the Thakur case, and I do not mean to obstruct that process. But, as with much else in life, things go on and we should continue to track other significant developments as well. One of our readers sent me this link to a news-item from Live Mint on a current case that may have implications for the right to property in general, and the debate over SEZs in particular. This seems like a significant development, and I hope Mr. Venkatesan and others can throw light on the actual proceedings in the Court on the issue. (Thanks to Avirup Nag for the alert).

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  • Rather than rely only on the media links, I think we should start carrying a weekly or fortnightly list of important cases (fresh, part-heard and regular) before the Supreme Court, giving details. Suggestions like this will certainly help.