A Response To Salil Tripathi’s Analysis on Modi’s Record

V.Anantha Nageswaran has a post on Acorn that offers counterarguments in response to Salil Tripathi’s article in Livemint (also read Tripathi’s response to a person ‘D’ in the comments section where he provides additional details of his reasoning). He does not however address the question of Modi’s culpability in the Godhra riots probably because that was not the focus of Tripathi’s piece. For that, I found Jyotirmaya Sharma’s write up illuminating.

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  • You are right; I did not respond on the issue of Modi’s culpability because it was not the focus of my piece. However, if you look at my responses to readers of my piece in Mint (which you very kindly noted) you will find where my sympathies – and beliefs – lie. In fact, the piece itself (as well as my many previous pieces in WSJ, IHT, The New Statesman, Mint, and Tehelka, and so on over the years) would make it transparent, what I think of Modi and his brand of politics.

    Thanks again, for your support and interest.

    Salil Tripathi