PRS Legislative Research Job Openings

Opportunities at PRS Legislative Research – 2 Positions

POSITION: Analyst/ Senior Analyst

Core responsibilities: The Analyst will be responsible for producing Legislative Briefs, Background notes on topical policy issues, and undertake related activities. The Analyst will also brief MPs on a regular basis on issues that come up before Parliament.

Abilities required: (a) Strong analytical skills with high level of attention to detail (b) Excellent writing and research skills with a high level of comfort in working with numbers; (c) Ability to explain complex issues in an easy-to-understand manner both in writing and orally; (d) Ability to work with a team; (e) Ability to multi-task and deliver quality work in a timely way; (f) Familiarity with the important policy challenges and politics in India.

Qualifications sought: PhD or a Masters degree in Economics, Finance or related areas. Familiarity with a variety of government documents such as budget, RBI publications, etc. is a requirement. Fluency in English and Hindi.

Location: New Delhi

Emoluments offered: Flexible depending on qualifications and ability.

Please email your details and CV to [email protected] with the subject line: “Analyst”

About the organisation: PRS Legislative Research (PRS) is an independent research initiative based in New Delhi. The mission of PRS is to strengthen the legislative process in India by making it better informed, more transparent and participatory. PRS is managed by a team of highly qualified professionals from various professional backgrounds.

PRS supports Members of Parliament (MPs) and political parties with non-partisan research to enable them to take a more informed view on legislation and other issues of public importance. PRS works in a collaborative manner with various stakeholder groups and experts, including the government.

Details about PRS can be accessed here

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