Privacy and UID

This blog has discussed the implications of the UID project before. Readers interested in the issue may want to see the following resources too:
Expert Committee on Metadata
– Usha Ramanathan’s articles in the IE: (i) Personal is Personal See also, the comment on data keeping in Nazi Germany), and (ii) Eyeing IDs
– Rahul Matthan on the need for a law protecting privacy
– Perry4law, a ‘techno-legal law firm’, on some of the implications of the project

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Anivar Aravind
Anivar Aravind
12 years ago

Check Citizen statement against uid here

12 years ago

Thanks for the post and bringing into limelight the fight for protection of civil liberties in India. There are some real heroes [] who saved aadhar project of India. The fact is that civil liberties in India, especially in cyberspace, does not exist and government of India is well committed to violate the human rights of Indian through projects like Natgrid, Aadhar, etc.