PILSARC’s Blog: A commendable contribution

I wish to draw the readers’ attention to the PILSARC‘s blog, a commendable attempt by Dr.Rajeev Dhavan to make his published articles and comments on public affairs in the form of editorials easily accessible online to his readers. LAOT has been consistently (most often with a critical eye) following Dr.Dhavan’s writings which are of immense interest to the readers. Here is a 2005 commentary published on LAOT on Dr.Dhavan’s contribution to legal scholarship. The subjects dealt with on the PILSARC’s blog so far include the Judges’ assets controversy, book bans, laws regulating heritage conservation, mentally retarded woman’s right to continue her pregnancy, the Rita Bahuguna-Mayawati spat and surrogacy – a virtual treat to those with an appetite for reading legal commentary on contemporary issues. The blog can be visited here as well as from our sidebar in future.

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