On the Solicitor-General’s brief

A good story on the Solicitor-General, Gopal Subramanium’s U.S. visit on the Headley trail.

The interesting question is whether the SG violated Section 8 (1)(e) of the Law Officers [Conditions of Service]Rules, 1972, notwithstanding the soundness of his legal advice to the Home Ministry on the Headley extradition issue. As the link shows, the 1972 Rules have been superseded in 1987, while Section 8 (1) (e) restricting the SG from advising any Ministry without the proposal or reference from the Ministry of Law Justice, DLA, seems to have been inserted in 2005.

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Aayush "Stormrage" Singhvi
Aayush "Stormrage" Singhvi
12 years ago

Link to the story shows that post cannot be found

5 years ago

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