Occasional Digest of Law and Other Things

The following are links to some important articles on subjects which are of interest to us and on which some of us may be interested in sharing our reflections. (I have relaxed the standards of inclusion in this digest, by adding secondary literature also, in view of paucity of primary material on every subject)

1. Judicial Impact Assessment by N.R.Madhava Menon, member of the Committee on JIA which submitted its report to the Government recently.

2. In a first of its kind, a Brazil AIDS group opposes drug patent in India.

3. Rajeev Dhavan on the case against Ashis Nandy.

4. T.R.Andhyarujina on why Afzal Guru, convict in the Parliament attack case must be freed.

5. Amrita Pande on the absence of law regulating surrogacy in India

6. News report on why the Government’s move to allow foreign magazines into India is bad.

7.C.V.Madhukar on the current nature of participation by women MLAs across the country.

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