NLSIU’ Student Bar Association Statement on Recent Campus Developments

The National Law School of India University’s Student Bar Association has requested us to post this statement on their behalf.  

This is in relation to the incident of
gang-rape perpetrated against a student of National Law School of India
University in the Bangalore University campus on the night of October 13, 2012.
The Student Bar Association seeks to draw attention to two major issues of serious concern.

the law and order situation prevailing in the Jnanabharti campus and
surrounding areas is deplorable. The inadequacy of the sanctioned strength of
the police force, coupled with the crippling insufficiency of civic amenities,
compounds this problem. 
Secondly, a
large section of the media has covered the incident in a reckless and
irresponsible manner. Some sections have carelessly sensationalized and
misreported the incident, and also blamed the victim. This is in flagrant
violation of not only the Indian Penal Code, but also the norms of ethical
journalistic conduct.
We intend to file a petition before
the Karnataka Home Secretary, seeking better equipment and increased manpower
in the area to improve the law and order situation. We also intend to file a
second petition before the Press Council of India expressing our anguish at the
irresponsible conduct of the media. Both of these petitions will be submitted
on Wednesday, 31st October.
Please do sign the petitions by following
the links below and pass it along to your friends and colleagues as well – it
only takes a few seconds, costs nothing, and will help us make a positive
impact on policing around Nagarabhavi, and remedy the unpleasant status quo of
reportage in the case of sexual offences.
Security petition:
Press Petition:
If you have any suggestions that ought
to find their way into either of these petitions, please drop in an email at [email protected]. If it appears as
though no curative action is undertaken, we plan to initiate social action
litigation in the hope that the judiciary would be able to correct the

Susmit Paul Aranya (President) and Badrinarayanan S. (Vice-President),
Student Bar Association,
National Law School of India University,

Bangalore- 560 242

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