NLSIR Symposium: Mapping the Future of Commercial Arbitration in India

[The following
announcement is posted on behalf of the National Law School of India Review]
The National Law
School of India Review (NLSIR)
 the flagship
journal of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore is
pleased to announce the VIth NLSIR Symposium on “Mapping the
Future of Commercial Arbitration in India
” scheduled to be held on May
18 and 19, 2013
 at the NLSIU campus. The last three years have
witnessed dynamic shifts in the law and practice of Arbitration in India. While
there have been steps in the right direction, an unwieldy system continues to
weigh down practitioners. Four years after first delving into the nuances of
commercial arbitration in India, the Symposium hopes to assess the development
of Arbitration law over the last few years.
speakers for the symposium include renowned legal luminaries such as
Hon’ble Mr. Justice (Retd.) S U Kamdar (Former Justice, Bombay High Court), Mr.
Anirudh Krishnan (Advocate, Madras High Court), Mr. Ashwin Shanker (Advocate,
Bombay High Court) Mr. Aditya Sondhi (Advocate, Karnataka High Court), Mr. Ajay
Thomas (Registrar, London Court of International Arbitration, India), Mr.
Vivekananda N. (Head (South Asia) & Counsel, Singapore International
Arbitration Centre), Mr. Nangavaram Rajah (Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre),
Mr. Promod Nair (Partner, J Sagar Associates), Mr. Shreyas Jayasimha (Partner,
AZB & Partners), amongst others.
This year, the discussions will be divided into four panels:
Session I: The Implications of BALCO on Arbitration

(Forenoon, May 18, 2013, Saturday)
Session II: Revisiting the Expansive Role of the Indian
Judiciary and its Implications
(Afternoon, May 18, 2013, Saturday)
Session III: Determining the Governing Law of the
Arbitration Agreement – Arsanovia and Beyond

(Forenoon, May 19, 2013, Sunday)
Session IV: The Way Forward: A Call for Institutional

(Afternoon, May 19, 2013, Sunday)
Registration fee for those who make an advance payment/bank
transfer is Rs. 500 for students and Rs. 1000 for others. All those interested are requested to register
The registration fee for those who register at the venue is
Rs. 750 for students and Rs. 1250 for others.
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