A new era begins in Egypt

As Egypt begins its post-Mubarak era, the successful revolution is sure to leave many bewildered. Till recently, political scientists hardly considered Egypt a possible candidate for a successful revolution, with many characteristics of historical revolutions being absent there. Even as Indian observers debate the question of why and how Egyptian revolution cannot be replicated in India, the unique characteristics of Egyptian revolution will be of interest to the readers here. Frontline’s latest issue, published before the revolution became successful, explores the protest movement in Cairo and what it signified.

My contributions to this issue include an article on the Supreme Court’s recent judgment and its partial modification in the Graham Staines murder case in the wake of civil society’s outrage against some remarks of the Judges. I argue that the modification of the judgment, still leaves one dissatisfied.

The second one is a review article, dealing with Durga Das Basu’s Commentary, and Shorter Constitution’s latest editions. The article also discusses two more books of interest, trying to find the answer to the question why and how the Indian Constitution is resilient.

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