More on the Maintenance of Parents Bill 2007

In May 2007, we looked at a short critique of the Maintenance of Parents and Welfare of Senior Citizens Bill which was introduced in Parliament in March 2007. The Bill is interesting because it seeks to highlight an issue that is going to be increasingly important in India as its population ages. Also, the debate over the Bill focuses on the weak provision of vital social services by the Indian State. The Bill has attracted criticism because of perceived flaws both in the policy, and the way in which it is proposed to be implemented.

The July issue of the excellent India Together has an article by Priya Narayan Parker which provides more detailed analysis of the provisions of the Bill. Parker also looks at an existing statute on the issue enacted by the Himachal Pradesh legislature in 2001. In addition, she provides snapshot views of how other countries have sought to address the issue of elder care.

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