Mandal II: Solicitor General & Justice Pasayat disagree

Today’s hearing was marked by a sharp exchange of views between Justice Pasayat and SG. Justice Pasayat asked why spend on higher education, when elementary education needs funds, as Article 21 A is a fundamental requirement.

The SG disagreed with the Judge saying social empowerment under Article 15(4) is equally important and there is no need to prioritise. Article 21A can’t be served at the expense of A.15(4), the SG explained. “We have to serve both the Articles simultaneously”, the SG said. The SG pointed out that Justice Pasayat’s premise is wrong.

To this, Justice Pasayat retorted: “Will you construct second floor first, and then ground floor? Your effort for higher education will require less effort, if Article 21A is met. ” Justice Raveendran supported Justice Pasayat on this issue saying money spent on foundation is not visible, unlike the money spent on higher education. Justice Pasayat agreed that the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan is a sincere effort, but it is apparently not sufficient. He hinted that the money being spent on building the requisite infrastructure for higher education, to increase the seats to cater to the OBC quota may well be spent on primary education.

The SG concluded his arguments in the afternoon. Mr.Parasaran will begin his submissions on October 3.

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