Law and Other Things Podcast Series

We are excited to launch our podcast series! Through this podcast series we intend to bring to our listeners conversations with some great people on a wide range of topics covering law, politics, sociology and many more.

You can follow us and subscribe to our podcast on:

We will also upload the podcasts on our website along with the podcast transcripts. Further, we will be providing links to all episodes on this page.

Episode List

Episode 1 – Interview with Arvind Narrain – Lawyer, Author and Scholar

Episode 2 – Interview with Jhuma Sen & Rachna Chaudhary on the Indian Feminist Judgments Project 

Episode 2.1 – Interview with Sannoy Das & Ananyaa Mazumdar on the Indian Feminist Judgments Project (Rewriting of the Charan Lal Sahu case)

Episode 2.2 – Interview with Anindita Pattanayak and Douglas McDonald-Norman on the Indian Feminist Judgements Project (Rewriting of the Kaushalya Judgement)

Episode 2.3 – Interview with Kanika Sharma and Laura Lammasneimi (Rewriting of Dadaji Bhikaji v Rukhmabai)

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