Latest expose on Mashelkar

Today’s Times of India carries the latest expose by Manoj Mitta on Mashelkar. The previous ‘victim’ says Mashelkar is irresponsible, if not dishonest. I would like to know Shamnad Basheer’s comment.

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  • Dear Venkatesan,

    Thanks for pointing this out to me. I know Dr Dutfield— he is a very respected academic in the UK and writes some fabulous stuff. Its unfortunate that his paper has been plagiarised. Certainly a far more serious charge than the earlier one –which I didn’t think was “plagiarism” anyway, not least because I had made a submission to the Committee for the very purpose of hoping that the Committee would rely on it. Secondly, the committee had included all that they “borrowed” from me in an Annexure to the Report, indicating indirectly that I was the source. Thirdly, what the Committee borrowed were mere conclusions. Given these circumstances, I’m not sure if you could call it “plagiarism”, which somehow connotes a calculated move to hide your source and pass stuff as your own. And given the allegation that the Committee sold out to Western multinational firms, I think a “plagiarism” charge would indicate that they cleverly hid their source since they were trying to further the interests of these firms. Which is why I think some people are very keen on labelling this as “plagiarism”. I would put it down to “sloppy” drafting–not expected of a Committee with so many reputed members.