Justice Krishna Iyer on Sabharwal issue

Today’s Times of India has carried Justice Krishna Iyer’s article on the allegations against Justice Sabharwal. He calls for an impartial inquiry. “Such a body has to be set up by the CJI himself”, he says.

But with no precedent to rely on, and with the in-house procedure offering no scope to initiate an inquiry against a retired Judge, CJI’s hands are clearly tied on the matter.

It would have been better if Justice Iyer dealt with Justice Sabharwal’s article in the TOI defending himself. Justice Iyer refers to it in passing, but must have dealt with the specific grounds which Justice Sabharwal cites in his defence.

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  • The Tehelka website has posted Prashant Bhushan’s rejoinder to the former Chief Justice Y.K.Sabharwal’s reply on its website. The link is here.