Interview with Prof. Tarunabh Khaitan

The Law and Other Things Blog recently had the pleasure to interview Prof. Tarunabh Khaitan, Professor of Public Law and Legal Theory and the Hackney Fellow in Law at Wadham College, Oxford. Professor Khaitan is also the Future Fellow at the University of Melbourne and a visiting Global Professor of Law at New York University Law School.

LAOT’s Student Editors-in-Chief Dayaar Singla & Vishal Rakhecha talked to Prof. Khaitan on a range of issues! We particularly had the chance to quiz him on one of the recent initiatives that he has been involved with The Junior Faculty Forum for Indian Law Teachers which provides young Indian scholars a platform to workshop, discuss, and receive feedback on their papers.

Prof. Khaitan also talks about his personal journey in academic writing and shares advice on how to improve writing! He talks about the writing skills that undergraduate law students should work on developing and also offers advice to early-career scholars on how to write a good paper. He talks about the five key things that all authors writing academic articles should consider. We hope that our readers and listeners find this advice helpful!

We also discussed with him the motivations behind the JFF Project which also led to a very interesting discussion on the state of academia and research ecosystem in Indian Law Schools. He also talks about the undergraduate experience in law schools and while acknowledging the complexity of issues that law schools face, discusses the possible way forward.

You can sign up for the Junior Faculty Forum’s latest workshop taking place on the 8th of August, 4 pm IST  here. (Deadline for signing up 7th August, 2020)

You can read the Transcript for the interview that we have divided along the following lines:-

1.	Personal journey as a writer 2.	On value of mentorship & Improving Writing 3.	On improving writing and advice to undergraduates & Early Career Scholars 4.	5 Things for a Good Academic Paper 5.	Motivation for Junior Faculty Forum 6.	How Indian Universities can improve research output 7.	Role of Student-Run Journals 8.	Role of Blogs such as LAOT 9.	What a Good Blog post should have? 10.	Vision for Junior Faculty Forum
We are extremely grateful to our Reporter, Sahil Aggarwal for the Transcript.
You can watch the Interview on the YouTube Link below!
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