The Indian Journal of Constitutional Law – New Issue

The second issue of The Indian Journal of Constitutional Law published annually by the MK Nambyar SAARCLAW Chair in Comparative Constitutional Studies at the NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad,has just been brought out. The journal is associated with the Constitutional Law Society, NALSAR, a student initiative. The Journal encourages scholarship in Comparative Constitutional Law.

Among the articles, Tony Blackshield’s article on National Constitutions in an International World deserves special mention. Gary Jacobsohn’s piece (Bommai and the Judicial Power a view from the U.S.)is also very interesting, as is the one by Ran Hirschl. Dhavan’s review of Sarbani Sen’s recent book is caustic, and to some of us, it appears unnecessarily harsh.

Arun and I have also contributed articles to this issue.

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