A hilarious letter which Mr.Raj Thackeray and his followers must read

The following letter written by S.Pushparaman, Tiruchirapalli appeared in the Times of India, January 28, 1973.

There is much talk these days about the “Sons of the Soil”. The advocates and opponents of this theory do not seem to agree among themselves. Perhaps, the following classification might solve the problem of those involved in the controversy.

First, we must not accept the present division of states and districts as they are political and man-made. When we swear by the soil, we must adhere to the natural, geological division. Our earth has been clearly divided into different kinds of soil regions: alluvial, volcanic, etc. It is but natural that sons should work only in their respective mother soils. For example, only those born in the alluvial soil can work in the alluvial region. They may call themselves “alluvians” and proclaim “Alluvial soil for alluvians only”. People of other soil regions may form similar groups. People may be given identity cards with the name of soil clearly printed on it.

To solve the problem of babies born in the air (planes), they should be employed as pilots and air hostesses. Nobody except the sons and daughters of the air should get these air jobs. They should be allowed to stay on earth in a non-classified soil region when they are off-duty.
(reproduced from Myron Weiner’s Sons of the Soil: Migration and ethnic conflict, 1978)

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