Harvard Law School Global Legal Education Forum

I wanted to bring to your attention this exciting conference at Harvard Law School later this month!

Global Legal Education Forum

Harvard Law School

March 23-25, 2012

Conference Organizers:

Harvard Law School S.J.D. Students Association

The aim of the Global Legal Education Forum is to develop a thicker understanding of
the intellectual and professional trajectories of contemporary legal education reforms,their implications for global and national elite leadership, the potential distributive effects for law schools that lack the resources to “go global,” and the distinctiveness of these reforms relative to other disciplines. The Global Legal Education Forum will convene HLS S.J.D. Alumni, law school deans, law professors, legal practitioners,law students and graduate candidates, as well as academics from other disciplines.

Themes for discussion at the Forum will include:

• What is a “global law school” and who is a “global lawyer”?
• Setting the Agenda: What is the purpose(s) of legal education?
• Teaching across systems and borders: Comparative and Transnational Business
Law, Public Law, and Private Law
• Methods of Learning and Engagement: Technology, Language and Clinical
Legal Education
• Methodologies for Global Legal Thought
• Educational Innovation in the Global South and North

Please visit the Harvard Law School SJD Association website for a complete program and speaker information: www.harvardsjd.org

For further details on the Forum, please contact: [email protected]

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