Gadbois Interview

Some readers might be interested in Livelaw’s interview with George Gadbois, a contributor to this blog, who talks about his book “Judges of the Supreme Court of India: 1950-1989”. The interview provides some background about why George was in a position to interview these judges during trips to India in the 1960’s and 1980’s, and why – thankfully – he finally decided to publish it. Of particular interest to some readers he weighs in on who he thinks were the best Chief Justices and Justices of the Court during its first four decades. He also points to several prominent senior lawyers who turned down positions on the Court – perhaps cementing an unfortunate tradition in which the best legal talent did not always agree to serve. The book is well worth reading and chronicles a period in the Court’s early history with a descriptive richness that otherwise would likely have been lost.
Written by
Nick Robinson
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