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*My article on the making of the new mining law, the Draft Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2010, to replace the existing Act.

*Another article on the merits of the all India Bar Examination, draws from the posts on LAOT with due acknowledgments. One aspect of the controversy, which I wanted to discuss but didn’t, is the correlation or the absence of correlation between an all India Bar Exam and the standards of legal practice. Most of us may assume that there is indeed a correlation, but I find the phrase ‘standards of legal practice’ too vague. Even the Law Commission has found it so in this Report with regard to the phrase “standards of legal education” and wanted it to be elaborated. Although the 2002 Law Commission report favoured both the all India examination and the training of advocates, I found the Commission’s justification for the training much more convincing than the all India examination.

* Readers may find this article by S.Dorairaj on Justice K.Chandru of Madras High Court interesting.

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