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An update on the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Jessica Lal case: The media missed the Supreme Court’s indictment of High Court, even while upholding High Court’s verdict. Supreme Court disagreed with High Court’s strictures against Justice S.L.Bhayana, who as the trial judge had acquitted all the accused in the case. In fact, he was elevated to the High Court immediately after the acquittal judgment. Is the Supreme Court indirectly justifying its decision to appoint him to the High Court?

In Copyright Concerns, I am saying that the proposed amendment to the Copyright Act, 1957, suffers from a lack of empathy with the differently abled.

In this review article, I am reflecting on how changes in our theoretical approaches can bring about social and political changes. Books reviewed are Rajeev Bhargava’s What is Political Theory and Why do we need it? and Decolonisation of Legal knowledge edited by Amita Dhanda and Archana Parashar.

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