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*Frontline’s latest issue has a detailed expose of how the Hindustan Unilever is avoiding its responsibilities to its workers exposed to mercury in the thermometer factory it owned in Kodaikanal,in the cover story written by Sarah Hiddleston.

*Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh’s landmark decision rejecting Vedanta’s plea for clearing Niyamgiri forests for mining – which resulted in the reversal of a Supreme Court’s judgment – requires more than a cursory attention. Relying on the text of the Minister’s decision, available on the MoEF’s website, I explain why it is significant.

* The Whistleblower Bill, introduced in the Lok Sabha, has been analysed threadbare here.

*Book Review: A review of memoirs of Justice Albie Sachs, Fali S.Nariman and Vicaji J.Taraporevala.

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