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For those who wish to understand the significance of the results of the latest assembly elections, Frontline’s latest issue will prove to be a useful resource. I was preoccupied with issues, which had no bearing on elections, and they were these three:

1. Review of three books on terrorism and al Qaeda, published prior to the killing of bin Laden.

2. Inconsistencies in Jairam Ramesh’s final clearance to Posco.

3.Why the Supreme Court’s May 11 judgment dismissing the Bhopal curative petition was deeply flawed?

Readers may reflect on the following after reading my article:

The May 11 judgment suffers from an inherent contradiction. It suggests that the curative petitions seeking the setting aside of the 1996 Keshub Mahindra judgment did not invoke any of the relevant grounds justifying the Court’s curative jurisdiction and that the petitioners did not offer sufficient explanation for filing the petitions 14 years after the judgment. If the Court did indeed find inordinate, but inexplicable delay in the filing of the curative petitions, and lack of relevant grounds for invoking its curative jurisdiction, the Court has no explanation why it agreed to hear the petitions, by constituting a Constitution Bench. Obviously, these are easily verifiable facts, and would not have required the Court’s valuable time to find them.

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