In this new section of the blog, we aim to

(a) break-down legal controversies in simple terms to better grasp the core of the matter

(b) and attach a reading list of good scholarship on that topic which would be updated on a regular basis.

We include small descriptive pieces which could assist in research and understanding the core of the issue. We believe that this section would also engage our readers to understand the nuances of various legal development happening in the country.

Our explainer pieces include:

Analysis of the Provisions of the NDPS (May 2022)

Karnataka HC’s Hijab Order Explained (April 2022)

Explainer: Delhi HC held that a public promise by a CM is enforceable in Court, to what extent and what does it mean? (Feb 2022)

Gujarat HC holds the petition challenging the Gujarat Prohibition Act as maintainable (November 2021)

Bail under the UAPA (November 2021)

Reading List on Pegasus Controversy (August 2021)

Circumvention of Federalism & The GNCTD (Amendment) Bill, 2021 (April 2021)

The #Me Too Judgement : M.J. Akbar vs Priya Ramani (March 2021)

Regulatory Framework for the COVID-19 Vaccine (Feb 2021)

Labour Codes: Code on Social Security, 2020 (January 2021)

Unraveling the New Land Regime in Jammu and Kashmir (December 2020)

Labour Codes: Industrial Relations Code 2020 (December 2020)

Over-Regulation of The Civil Society: Unpacking the FCRA 2020 (November 2020)

Same-Sex Marriage: Examining the Move towards Legal Recognition (October 2020)

Sub-Classification within Reserved Seats (October 2020)

Right to Protest v. Right to Mobility: The Shaheen Bagh Case (October 2020)

Explainer: Contempt Of Court – The Case Of Prashant Bhushan (August 2020)

Reading List on Article 370 Abrogation (August 2020)

CJI Office under RTI – An Explainer (December 2019)

Kashmir, the Constitution and Article 370 (August 2019)

Understanding the Sabarimala Verdict (Part I, II, III) (October 2018)

The Many Ups and Downs in the Battle of Section 377 (September 2018)

All you need to know about the Aadhaar Litigation (September 2018)

Why the Citizenship Amendment Bill disturbs Assam (August 2018)

What is the fugitive economic offenders bill, 2018 (August 2018)

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