Dr.Binayak Sen’s bail:Latest from Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Bench (Coram: Justice D.K.Jain and Justice Sudarshan Reddy)heard Dr.Binayak Sen’s bail plea today, after admitting his SLP. Justice Jain asked Ram Jethmalani, Sen’s counsel, as to whether there has been any change in the circumstances since the last decision of the Supreme Court rejecting his plea. Ram Jethmalani replied that the whole case has been demolished, and the last witness has testified. He is not likely to abscond, Jethmalani told the Bench. “All material witnesses have been examined” he told the Bench. Thereupon, the Bench issued notice to the Chhattisgarh Government to file its reply within two weeks. When Jethmalani was concerned about the impending summer vacation further delaying his release on bail, the Bench appears to have told that the case could be heard by the vacation bench. Jethmalani again requested the Bench to let him have his heart examined by the doctors whom he trusts at the CMC, Vellore, as he put it, after all, in matters of heart, the patient should trust the doctor. But the Bench did not relent, and asked the State of Chhattisgarh to provide him the best possible medical care for his heart ailment. The Bench should have known why Dr.Sen distrusts the State Government’s medical assistance. Read this appeal from his wife, Ilina Sen. Read and follow this site, for further information on the Court proceedings today.

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