Document: Text of Mike Procter’s decision imposing 3 Test-Match ban on Harbhajan Singh

The three-match ban on Harbhajan Singh by Match Referree Mike Procter, invited intense scrutiny and criticism in the media, without I understand, access to the full text of Procter’s decision. The ICC’s website does not have it. None of the newspapers which had carried critical comments on it extensively, bothered to publish it in full. I thank Mr.Anil Divan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, who examined the decision in detail, in his article and later agreed to fax me a copy of Procter’s full statement. With Justice John Hansen, New Zealand’s Cricket’s representative on the ICC Code of Conduct Commission set to hear India’s appeal against Procter’s decision at Adelaide on Jan.29 and 30, it is time we know how exactly Procter reached his conclusion, and what were Anil Divan’s objections against it. Anil Divan’s article is here. The full text of Procter’s statement is here.

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