Call for papers

The Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Law & Economics, published by NALSAR, invites submissions for the 2009-10 issue in accordance with the editorial policy.

The IJLE invites writings that, applying methods of economic analysis to law, explain the intended and unintended effects of laws, illuminate the costs and benefits involved in legal and policy decisions, and assess which legal rules are economically efficient and distributively just. The IJLE is committed to shepherding the most challenging and thought-provoking works in the field of law and economics to the forefront of academic and public debate. In furtherance of these objectives, we also invite research that examines the manner in which economic forces shape the sometimes competing ends of social justice and economic development.

The IJLE invites articles, comments, essays and reviews. It seeks contributions from students, professionals and academics. The Journal will publish only original articles and research papers. The deadline for submissions is September 7, 2009.
The submission details may be downloaded from here. The names of patrons and members of advisory panel are mentioned here.

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