Call for Papers | Plural Ideas of Justice: Stories, Narratives, and Experiences from India

Organisers: Dr. Kalindi Kokal (IIT Bombay); Siddharth Peter de Souza (Justice Adda)

Partner: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung India Office

This workshop seeks to explore the ideas of justice that emerge from such different and diverse non-state forums. What do these concepts tell us in terms of their approach to what we understand as substantive or procedural law?  What are the engagements of state and non-state actors whether in Constitutional architectures, policy reform, or imaginations of legal systems? What are the various historical, political and sociological explanations for these varied ideas of justice? 

While the quest to develop a concrete and definite form of justice will keep societies forever engaged, this workshop will attempt to bring together stories, narratives, oral histories and analysis that reveal people’s experiences with an ‘idea of justice’, thus ultimately enabling us to understand the multiple forms in which justice manifests itself. 

The workshop will be organized over two days, in Mumbai in April 2021. If the Covid-19 situation does not improve, the conference is likely to be shifted online. Participants will be notified by January 2021.

Papers are invited for the following panels:

  1. State and Non-state: Working with Boundaries and Binaries?
  2. The role of the non-state within the state.
  3. Non-state actors: Experiences with dispute processing.
  4. Digital platforms as non-state actors.
  5. State: Ideas, Perception and Responses.
  6. Platform discussion: Ideas of justice.

Submission Instructions: Please submit an abstract (500 words) that contains title, author, research question, methodology and your main argument to conference email [email protected] by 31st October 2020. Selected participants will be informed by 30th November 2020. If your paper is selected for the conference, we will ask you to submit the final paper of about 6,000 -8,000 words in electronic format by 1st March 2021.

For more details about conference themes and organizers please visit 

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