Call for Papers: Journal of National Law University, Delhi

Journal of National Law University, Delhi (“JNLUD”) is a faculty run,
peer-reviewed journal published by the National Law University, Delhi. The
Journal seeks to provide a platform for engaging in multi-disciplinary
discussions on themes of law, society and justice. Towards this end, the
Journal welcomes submissions from academicians, practitioners and research
scholars (including PhD candidates) from law and allied fields. The Journal
does not accept student submissions.
welcomes original and previously unpublished articles, notes and comments, and
book reviews for publication in its 2013-2014 volume. Articles are typically
around 10,000 words including footnotes. Notes and Comments are shorter pieces
(of around 5,000 words). These have a narrower scope of inquiry than articles
and may include analysis of recent case law, legislation or policy. Book
reviews are generally around 3000 words. We welcome reviews of books that have
made a significant contribution to legal or academic scholarship. Successful
submissions to this category will engage substantively with the ideas and
themes explored in the book instead of merely providing a summary of its main
follows the Blue Book (19th edition) citation style. Authors are
encouraged to adhere as closely as possible to this citation style. However, at
the stage of submission, non-compliance with the Blue Book will not affect the
Editorial Board’s decision on publishability of the piece. 
submit your manuscript as a MS-Word
document. The submission should have an attached cover
page with the following details:
Title of the submission
Name of the Author
Affiliation and a short bio of the author (200
from the cover page, the rest of the submission should not contain any
reference to the identity of the author in order to enable anonymous screening
and peer-review.

for the 2013-14 volume are accepted on a rolling basis upto January 31, 2014.  Please send all submissions to [email protected]
and [email protected]. All
submissions will be immediately acknowledged. The Editors will strive to inform
you of their decision within 3 weeks of receiving the submission. 

Written by
Aparna Chandra
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