In this book review, I have reviewed two recent books, written by O.Chinnappa Reddy and Shanti Bhushan, mentioned on this blog a few days ago. It is difficult, for space reasons, to be exhaustive in the review. I would have, for instance, liked to add that buyers of Summits and Shallows will have an incentive to buy the book, especially because of Upendra Baxi’s Foreword. Baxi, who affectionately calls Reddy as Chinnappa, compares him with other Justices of the Supreme Court, past and present. I have felt a serious disagreement with the author as well. He says that the present appointment of Judges with primacy to collegium must be reversed, with the CJI getting back his primacy, choosing to consult whoever he would like to. It would have been better if the author shared his views on the National Judicial Council proposal.

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