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I second Rampal of the Bailey’s request for day-to-day updates on the Supreme Court hearing of the reservation case. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Venkatesan for the first time in person on Friday. Among other things, he shared with me how exciting it had been to cover the arguments in this important matter that could have far-reaching implications. I hope Mr. Venkatesan continue to share that excitment with those of us who are unable to be in Delhi or at the Court to watch the proceedings. I’m quite sure the Court does not permit live-blogging from the spectator rows. However, I do hope Mr. Venkatesan will share with us his notes on oral arguments as the matter progresses for us to have an authentic, real-time, appreciation of this case.

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  • Dear Vikram,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I am glad that readers of our blog are indeed interested in reading day-to-day reporting on the hearing of the case. As the Chief Justice will be away on a tour to South Africa, next week, the hearing on this matter will continue from Sep.11, with Mr.P.P.Rao continuing the arguments from where he left last Thursday.